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Here at Safehaven Parrot Refuge, we believe that education is key to the future welfare of parrots in the UK. We are here as a source of information and support for anyone who owns a parrot and we are happy to try and help wherever we can. There is a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the charity and part of our mission is to make advice and help available to people who need it. 

The first step may not need to be rehoming in many cases, we have had wonderful success with working with individuals and their birds to overcome any problems they might be experiencing in their relationships.

We would always recommend rehoming a parrot rather than buying but here are some things to consider if you are going to buy:

Please make sure you thoroughly research the breed that you are buying, try to talk to people who are experienced in keeping the breed you are considering and if you can go and spend time with them.

Be aware that all parrots will bite at some point no matter how tame. Hand rearing does not mean that the bird will be tame and friendly to all humans and can, in fact, cause issues with overbonding for example. 

Please consider the amount of noise that different breeds can make and also the effect of this noise on your neighbours or other members of the family. 

If there are existing health issues such as asthma in the household then it would be wise to consider the potential health implications of keeping a bird. Parrots can be very dusty and constantly shed dander which can make respiratory conditions like asthma much worse.

Make sure you know what the expected life span is for your chosen breed.

Parrots have very long life spans - have you considered who would be willing to care for your parrot if you are not able to do so?

If you have someone in mind to take over the care of your parrot - have you discussed this with them in detail and are they absolutely sure they want to and are able to look after your parrot?

What would happen if their circumstances change in the future and they are no longer able to care for the parrot? Who will look after the bird if you are on holiday?

Please make sure you include your parrot in your will and that any plans for the parrot are clearly explained. We are able to accept bequests should you wish, please find a link to the bequest form on our 'forms' page.

There are many rescues that will help rehome your bird but it is very important to choose the right one for you and your bird. Make sure you ask lots of questions, do lots of research, make sure you are happy that the rescue will meet the needs of your bird and that you are entrusting their future wellbeing and care to the right people. 

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