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Membership, Sponsorship and


Annual Membership fee

Before you can rehome a bird from us, we ask for a membership fee. This fee is to be a continuous annual payment throughout the time you foster a bird from us. 

The membership fee is crucial in keeping Safehaven alive and allowing us as a charity to flourish because it helps cover the costs of administration, veterinary care, transport and so much more. 

We ask for just £15 a year to become a member.

We even give you the option to create a standing order and pay this monthly at £1.50 (preferred). If you are wanting to pay monthly, please contact us to arrange this.

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Donations for long-term fostering

Small birds/parakeets: Budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels and similar sized birds.                          

Small parrots:  Senegal, Meyers, Quakers and Conures.                                                                  

Mid-size parrots: Miniature Macaws  


Medium parrots:  Amazons, African Greys, Goffin and Galah Cockatoos.                                    

Cockatoos: Umbrella, Ducorps, Corella, Major Mitchells                                                                  

Large breed Parrots: eg Macaws, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoos                   


On occasion we have bonded pairs needed long-term foster homes.  If you are interested in providing a long-term home to such a pair, please discuss the appropriate donation with the Area Coordinator at the time of your homecheck.

£20 each

£100 each

£150 each

£210 each

£300 each

£400 each

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Please DO NOT pay any of these rehoming fees until you have been assigned a bird (after a homecheck pass). We cannot guarantee that we have a bird suitable in for you. Thank you.

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Cash Payments

Here at Safehaven, we also accept cash payments. 

You can pay your rehoming fee in cash when a bird is dropped off to you or you are collecting a bird from us. The cash will then be deposited by the appointed team member ASAP and proof this shall be provided if requested. 


Donations are one of the most important parts of any charity. Your donations allow Safehaven to continue rescuing, rehabilitating and to rehome birds. Without any donations- whether it be financial support or in items such as food and cages, the past 32 years would not have been possible.

If you are wanting to donate physical items please go to our Contact Us page to speak to a member of our team. 

Any support you can offer us, will go towards ensuring the birds that come into our care have the best possible lives. 

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