Paul Forman

Co-Founder of Safehaven Parrot Refuge. 

Hello! My name is Paul and in July 1986, Christine (my wife) and I came together with the intention of starting a Parrot Refuge.  In those days Parrot Rescues were very scarce and Christine had worked in a commercial Bird Rescue that had closed down.  By Christmas we had three B/G macaws and four dwarfs.  Without advertising by 1997 we had over 100 birds of all types mostly in aviaries.  Then the Daily Express gave us a two page spread in their colour supplement and included our phone number and birds flooded in.  We used to pay for everything ourselves so our finances were at rock bottom, it was suggested we became a Charity- and here we are today!


Hi there, I'm Otis and I'm from Southampton and have been a volunteer for Safehaven for nearly 5 years.

I have always been interested in helping and working with, and for animals. I found Safehaven after looking to find a companion for my first private rescue bird. The complexities of behaviour and level of intelligence of parrots is why I enjoy working with them so much. There is always so much to learn and they go out of their way to outsmart you, I like a challenge.

Getting to help and learn from so many different species and personalities will always be rewarding.


Hello, my name is Sophia, I'm 19 years old and I live in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

I got my first bird when I was 13 years old, we found this frail little budgie beneath a car one cold night. Since then, I’ve owned 100’s of birds, ranging from chickens, to cockatoos!

I got my first Safehaven bird at the start of 2019, since then, I’ve rehomed a dozen more birds from the charity, as well as fostering many others. January of 2020, I became an area coordinator and in June I was asked to become a Trustee - I’ve never looked back! Being the youngest of the team, I use my knowledge of media and tech to help boost awareness of Safehaven.

I help run the Facebook pages, Instagram page and the website. I love being able to help where I can!



Hi, I am Nadia. Russian by origin, I have lived in France and Germany, before finally settling down in Bristol in 2012.

My love for birds have started back in Moscow, where I got a cockatiel to keep me company on lonely evenings. Soon my passion grew and I started doing a lot of research in avian health and care, helping people and their birds.

My good friend told me about Safeheaven and birds in need. I have joined as a volunteer, and soon applied to become an ACO. I hope I would be able to help as many birds as possible to find loving homes they all deserve. I have two adorable young Pionus parrots, Mikasa and Ace, and a 48 year old rescue Amazon, Ozzie, who stole my heart.


Hi, I’m Karen from Birmingham. After finishing work, I decided I had a lot of free time and began looking for a parrot as I grew up with them as a child.

I then came across Safehaven and realised rehoming a rescue parrot was what I wanted to do. Speaking to Sophia, a trustee, from Safehaven and hearing the fab work they do- I decided I wanted to join the team and help in anyway I can . So this is me!

I got my first Safehaven parrot, who is a Greater-Sulphur Crested Cockatoo named Ollie (pictured), and I love him so much, he's such a cheeky chappie! 


Hi, I’m Sarah Jane and I'm 45 from Southend. I'm a mum of 6 brilliant children, from age 10 to 27. I became a ACO for Safehaven to safehouse where needed after losing my best friend, Martin, my beautiful African Grey last year.
I think it’s a beautiful thing to do to help get these lovely birds a loving home that they deserve. Although, I was only going to Safe house... but then Mr Curley, the Ducorps Cockatoo, came into my life and it was instantly love at first sight when the van door opened and he shouted "hello!". He fits in to our nutty household perfectly.
I LOVE helping look after some of the amazing different types of birds that have come to me. Not only is it helping them get their loving homes, but it’s giving my kids the experience with all different kinds of birds!
We have loved every minute of it and hopefully, we can help a lot more beautiful birds find a loving home.


Hey everyone, I'm Lolly - a 27 year old mathematician and animal enthusiast! I keep Conures, Macaws, and Caiques - as well as pet Skunks!

I adore animals and am always seeking to learn more. I spent a year researching parrot care, first aid, behaviour, and basic anatomy before getting my first bird years ago.

I will always strive to help beginners and encourage as many questions as you can think of.

I enjoy learning about exotic animals so much that I've decided to study veterinary science next year, specialising in parrots and exotic mammals.


We are always on the look out for new bird-loving people to join our team!

Whether you are new to keeping birds, or an expert, we will welcome you all!

*Do you want to short-term foster birds for us that are waiting for their new homes? 

*OR maybe you want to be more active in the running's of the charity and become an Area Coordinator- someone who is responsible for rescuing, transporting, home-checking and re-homing birds in your care! 

*We also welcome those that can't look after parrots, for whatever reason that may be, BUT would like to offer their admin skills in helping us keep information safe and up-to-date or run our social media pages!

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