Our Coronavirus, COVID-19 Policy: *** UPDATED 05/11/2020 ***

Safehaven Parrot Refuge has drawn up a policy to address the situation relating to the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19.

Unfortunately, with lockdown and the government’s recommendations, Safehaven Parrot Refuge will not be taking in anymore birds. Once lockdown restrictions have lifted, and you have contacted us in regards to surrendering your bird(s) to us, we will aim to get them in ASAP.

In regards to rehoming a bird from us; if you have passed a home check (congratulations by the way), unfortunately you will have to wait to physically get a bird from us until restrictions have lifted. We will still be pairing what current birds we have in the charity to those that are waiting for a bird. If we pair you to a bird, then we will arrange transportation of getting the bird to you as soon as we are permitted to do so.

If you are wanting to rehome a bird from us in the future, you can still do so via a virtual homecheck, but as the paragraph above states, we cannot physically rehome a bird to you until we are allowed to do so.

Safehaven is taking the following precautions and requires all Area Co-ordinators (ACO), Trustees, Safehouse and other personnel involved with the charity to read and follow the guidance below.

Read and understand the guidance provided by the UK Chief Medical Officer and the World Health Organisation and you are taking appropriate actions to ensure you are compliant with that guidance.

You will notify Safehaven’s Trustees if you have visited or plan to visit an affected area.  Any Trustee, ACO, Safehouser or other persons associated with the charity – other than those solely long-term fostering a bird from the charity – who has visited an affected area is not to visit any Safehaven site or meet with prospective or actual customers until after the self-isolation period.

Should you display symptoms of COVID-19, you will self-isolate in line with government guidelines and notify Safehaven Trustees immediately.

Whilst on the premises of any home or site, you will follow all government, Safehaven and customer guidance regarding COVID-19 and comply with any additional requirements either the charity or customer themselves may determine as necessary.

You will inform Safehaven Trustees immediately if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.


Safehaven Parrot Refuge takes the wellbeing of its customers, ACO, Trustees and Safehousers very seriously and wants to ensure that all steps are being taken to minimise the risk to all concerned.

Any queries, please contact us on our CONTACT US page. 

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