Sadly, Christine passed away on 8th October after a fall and heart attack. She had been ill for a long time, going into hospitals for long periods.

She started working with birds in 1974, at a very large Bird Rescue in Sussex. While working there she learnt how to handle and care for all types of birds from Fish Eagles and Hyacinth Macaws to the very smallest of birds.

I met her in June 1986, and we decided to rescue parrots ourselves. We moved to Gloucestershire where she became well known for her expertise in bird keeping. Christine didn’t advertise but birds came from all over the country and she wouldn’t try and rehome any of them.


We registered as a Charity in 1999, and had to start rehoming as we had so many. Christine was running the charity on her own while I looked after the birds. We both worked fulltime and took jobs where one of us would be with the birds. The pressure of all this work became too much for her and she had a severe Nervous Breakdown which she never recovered.

No matter how bad her health became, the birds we looked after were her first thought, she had nothing else to live for. I listened to her give advice on bird problems and was absolutely amazed at how much she knew. Although she could give other people advice, when it came to one of her birds being ill, she would worry so much she would make herself ill.

Now Christine has gone and I miss her very much. It was her inspiration that started Safehaven and I’m sure she would be happy knowing it was going to be kept going by Mel, Tara and Tracy.

Paul Forman